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What is CR The Brand?

Connecting Resources for Unity


Carolyn 'Cee' Renee, established her brand to, "Exemplify Beauty from the Inside-Out." Utilizing different resources she influences the entertainment, fashion and wellness industries. As a Runway Model and Actress, her beautiful body, signature Hips #HipsDontlie, Engaging Eyes #EyesDoTell and Stellar Runway walk show her 'Out'. Take these qualities and her holistic wellness, positive attitude, encouraging spirit and passion for healing, is how she exemplifies her 'Inside' to be truly Beauty-Full

Cee Renee Services


Cee Renee can be Professionally Contracted for:  

  • Media Engagements/Interviews
  • Blogging/Vlogging at events
  • Acting Roles 
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Radio Interviews
  • Directing Opportunities
  • Voice Overs/ Audiobooks

*Use the 'Contact Us' Section for Inquiries and Pricing.  

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CR Production Company


Connecting Resources Production Company truly brings a team of the best in the industry together producing unique content that inspires. Our media company was created to provide a platform for creative content to be spread across the arts and entertainment industry via Model/Acting Cee Renee as Creative Managing Director. We promote positive talent artists, plus size models, music production, produce film and media content to span across, television, radio and the internet.

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